• Kieran, CEO

October 2019 - Our First Update

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Hi All,

Welcome to our first monthly update. I will be writing these at the beginning of each month to keep those on our mailing list and on our site updated about our progress in the world of electric flight.

Since this is our first post I should introduce the ideas behind Mako before detailing our progress.

At the heart of Mako is addressing the impact of aviation on climate change. Everything we do will be in an effort to push the aviation industry into zero-emission architectures. We're beginning by creating extremely efficient propulsion systems to enable electric aircraft start-ups to decrease their energy requirements and increase flight yield.

Things are looking optimistic for the industry as we're not the only ones in this mission and many start-ups have been created in the last few years to address similar problems (I'll talk about the hype curve vs gold rush in a later blog post).

As for a progress update;

Technical progress is coming along well, with our all-electric aircraft software simulation now 90% complete we can simulate aircraft with our propulsion system allowing calculation of engine sizing, performance and change to economic parameters such as flight cost and yield. We will now be expanding this software to calculate the detailed design parameters of the propulsion system allowing for rapid design for a range of thrust requirements.

Our software is currently being developed in parallel with our first propulsion system demo, wherein we're building a full scale prototype to demonstrate performance that will be available in early 2020.

We have now applied to Y Combinator Start-Up Accelerator and hope to hear back this month on our result. YC is the go-to for ambitious projects in the start-up world and we're excited to finally make our application after completing the YC Start-Up School program.

That concludes our first progress update, I'll be writing again soon on our design software and what the results mean for electric aircraft as a whole. All-electric aircraft are bringing a lot of surprising features to the industry and are shaping up to be a change dwarfing the jet engine revolution.

Warmest regards,