• Kieran, CEO

November 2019 - Models, Dating and Disappointment

Hi All,

One month already, here’s what we’ve been working on.

Aircraft simulation model is now complete

We are now able to simulate aircraft of all different sizes with our engine parameters calculating yield, range, energy usage, battery pack sizing and many more. The biggest benefit of this simulation is that it has allowed us to conclude on the real requirements of all-electric aircraft and gives us quotable performance metrics when proposing projects to customers. Speaking of which…

Mako and Ampaire are dating

Ampaire and Mako have decided to collaborate to build the world's first all-electric boundary layer ingestion flight demonstrator. Upon close-out, the project will generate a fully operational propulsion system for subsequent ground and flight testing. For Mako this entails the construction of a 50kW class technology demonstrator which will pave the way for future commercial propulsion systems. “This project supplies an opportunity for Mako to showcase propulsion capabilities for future projects with Ampaire in the 50kW and larger scales” said Ampaire’s CTO, Cory Combs.

The project is exciting as not only will it allow for the first full demonstration of Mako’s propulsion technology but working alongside Ampaire puts what we’re building into the context of an airframe. Mako’s mission is to bring fast, clean and inspiring flight to everyone and we’re delighted that Ampaire have decided to collaborate with us.

Y Combinator

I want to paint a realistic picture of what is going on at Mako and sometimes that means reporting bad news. We heard back from Y Combinator and won't be joining for the winter 2020 batch. We knew our chances were slim on getting in first time, so the plan was to set a flag down for subsequent applications. YC are looking for fast moving companies and by benchmarking ourselves this batch, we can show rapid progress come the next batch applications.

Progress is showing no signs of slowing, thanks to everyone who has signed up and is following the updates. More exciting news to come!

Warmest regards,