• Kieran, CEO

March 2020 - If at first you don't succeed...

Hi All,

February flew by. Here’s what we’ve been up to;

Hybrid Development

The “electric jet engines” under development at Mako were initially aimed at all-electric aircraft architectures. However, we are now in conversations with hybrid aircraft manufacturers about the use cases in hybridisation. On the route to fully electric commercial aircraft, many in the industry see hybrid as an essential stepping stone and we’re happy to apply our technology to all those ready to reduce aviation emissions.

RYNO Product Rendering

We’re currently working on a product video to show off what an “electric jet engine” really looks like. It’s quite a hard concept to visualise and so we’ve been creating a mock-up of our design that we can use to communicate the system more clearly. Once this is ready we’ll host it on the website and send links in the next update. We’re dying to show it off and can't wait to have it out.

Applying to Y Combinator (Again)

Back in October we applied to Y Combinator. Sadly we were unsuccessful but used the application to plant a flag from which we can measure progress towards the next intake. Earlier this month we received an email informing us that we were in the top 10% of last batch applicants and encouraging us to re-apply. We’ll be sending in our application this week along with the progress we’ve made since October and crossing our fingers.

RYNO Project Prep Continues

Preparations for the RYNO project are still ongoing and we hope to conclude these shortly. The first peak into the system will be available via the product video released later this month.

That's about it for this update. We’ll send out another update with the product renderings and video when they’re ready to share.

Have a great month.

Warmest regards,