• Kieran, CEO

February 2020 - Mako goes to Norway

Hi All,

It’s our first update of 2020. Here’s what we’ve been up to;

Electrification in Norway

Norway has been a large proponent of electrification in aerospace so we’ve spent the first month of 2020 meeting with those involved. The main things we learned were;

  • There is a lack of access to electric aircraft data, making life harder for groups like ZERO in their efforts to transition Norway to sustainable aviation.

  • There is a lot of debate around the performance of electric aircraft in their “first wave”. The people we talked to have high expectations however we fear these will not be realised without a step change in a few key technologies. At Mako our calculations indicate that a large jump in the available technology is required to build compelling and competitive electric aircraft. This is why we’re building RYNO, the highest performance propulsion system in the world is not for show, it's required for the transition to electric aviation.

  • There is a lot of support in agencies such as Avinor for electrification infrastructure. Avinor are providing incentives pushing electric aircraft on routes in Norway to reach their goal of 100% electrified internal flights by 2040.

Data and Support for ZERO

To help ZERO in their mission, Mako will be providing free access to our software and our findings as we continue to develop in electrification. ZERO are doing great by serving as a voice for the environment in Norway and we’ll help them any way we can.

RYNO Preparations are still underway

We are continuing to get everything in place for the launch of the RYNO project. We are now very close to commencing the project in which Mako will build a demonstrator for the world’s highest performance “electric jet engine”. As soon as this process is complete we will commence the program and release the details of the design, the monthly updates will become much more exciting when we can go back to focus full-time on engineering.

That's about it for this update. This past month has required a lot of the more boring side of working on a start-up, the reality is that this has to be ground out before moving into more exciting aspects such as engineering and design.

Have a great February.

Warmest regards,