• Kieran, CEO

December 2019 - It's the most wonderful time of the year

Hi All,

Apologies, the update comes late this month.

Here’s what we’ve been up to;

Mako forms an advisory council

To build the technologies required for zero-emission, fast and inspiring flight we need great people on board and this month we are happy to welcome our advisory council; Professor Andrew Heyes, Dr Min Zhang and Dr Patrick Norman. All three will be advising over the development of our demonstrator projects beginning in 2020.

Professor Heyes has over 30 years experience in the field and wrote the book on traditional aircraft propulsion systems. He will be acting as Chief Council on Mako's demonstrator project as we attempt to build the highest performance propulsion system in the world.

Dr Zhang is a world expert in the application of superconductors in electric propulsion systems and is the Vice Editor in Chief for IEEE Transactions on Superconductivity. Dr Zhang will be bringing expertise in a key technology area for Mako as we scale up to the large power requirements of passenger aircraft.

Dr Norman is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Strathclyde where he leads a team of researchers in the university’s electronic and electrical department. Dr Norman was sought for the team on his experience and credentials surrounding safety and fault management systems for electric propulsion. At Mako safety is a priority from day one and will be inherently designed into our systems, Dr Norman has demonstrated his expertise in this area in projects with NASA, Rolls-Royce and Cranfield.

Preparation for the Demonstrator Projects

This month we have been preparing for the 2020 propulsion demonstrator projects by finding appropriate facilities, suppliers and funding. By demonstrating our technology we come closer to achieving the first of our four phases (the enablement of electric flight via high performance propulsion systems).

We are submitting project proposals to Scottish Enterprise which will help us de-risk the project funding and allow Mako to bring investors on-board. Once funding is confirmed we will be able to begin the development of the technology demonstrators in Spring 2020.

What’s a R.Y.N.O, anyway ?

We continue with the most important aspect of the company which is design of the propulsion system, which we call the R.Y.N.O. We can't share the details of the system yet however it plays a key role in achieving the performance of the propulsion system and constitutes a major part of the demonstrator projects. We hope to show these demonstrators next year and will give more details as soon as possible.

Travel to Norway

Norway have been very public with their backing of electric aircraft projects and we will be travelling there over the coming month to speak with customers, investors and interest groups to see where we can help in their electrification efforts. International collaboration has been something aviation is quite good at and we look forward to hearing new perspectives in the space.

That about does it for this update. We wish everyone a happy Hogmanay, we’ll see you again in the New Year.

Warmest regards,


P.S. Next update will come early February to return to the normal frequency.