Fast, Clean and Inspiring Flight for Everyone.

At Mako we are creating electric propulsion systems to increase the performance and decrease the risk of our customers aircraft electrification projects. We build propulsion systems with unrivalled efficiency, reliability and specific power, enabling the increase of range and lowering of operating costs for electric aircraft manufacturers.

The Future

Getting to a future of fast, clean and inspiring flight as soon as possible means providing technology competitive with traditional aircraft. We work to increase the chances of success of any entity building towards sustainable aviation.


Mako's ambition is to make our vision of the future a reality.  

Our vision is of compelling air transport that inspires and excites while achieving balance with the environment.  We get there by developing technology in four phases.

1: Enable electrification of aircraft by building high-performance propulsion systems.

2: Push inspiring, affordable, subsonic electric airframe technology.

3: Enable via a network of low-cost, renewable charging infrastructure facilitating charging with minimal turnaround.

4: Push all-electric, high altitude, supersonic regional transport technologies.

The future is fast, clean and inspiring flight for everyone.

How does it work?

The performance of an electric aircraft is highly dependant on the performance of the propulsion system, namely in the efficiency of the propulsion chain and the mass of the system. That’s why we build propulsion from battery connection  to atmosphere. 


Range is only part of the story, for a given range, higher efficiencies translate to smaller battery requirements therefore smaller manufacturing, charging and operating costs. A propulsion system with higher specific power also allows for vital weight savings which are even more crucial in electric aircraft than traditional kerosene aircraft.